Does anyone use a recipe box anymore?

Recipe box

My overstuffed recipe box

When I have time I like to visit the local Habitat Restore or Goodwill store to search for some new treasures.   Recently I was visiting our Habitat store in Berthoud (which by-the-way is REALLY  nice) and noticed there were a few brand new recipe boxes and packages of unused recipe cards. Then on a later visit to the Goodwill store in Loveland I saw several more. I guess with immediate online access to any recipe or cooking question people don’t need recipe boxes anymore. Things have changed. There was a time when no kitchen was useable without one!

Not me, I still own and use one. Inside it is stuffed with recipes for cookies, main dishes, meat, beverages, desserts, salads, and I think there is even a miscellaneous section for things like canning, candy, or craft projects. Most of my recipes come from my mom, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and friends. I especially treasure the handwritten ones they passed on to me. With each one there is a memory of how I received it. In a way, it’s like a scrapbook of celebrations and special events. Even though I regularly use my Yummly©, Pinterest© and Food Network© apps on my ipad, I would never think of giving up my collection.

So, in the spirit of sharing here’s a recipe from my box. Enjoy!


Grilled Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Ingredients: fresh green beans, bacon, butter, brown sugar, chili pepper

1) Prepare and heat up your grill.

2) Wash and dry the fresh green beans. Take a small bundle of the beans and wrap them with 1 slice of bacon. Secure the bacon with a toothpick.  Make at least one bundle per person.

3) In a small sauce pan, mix 1 part butter with an equal part of brown sugar. (I usually use ½ cup of butter and brown sugar)  Next, add chili pepper to your taste. Heat the mixture until it bubbles. Remove from the stove and use a brush to coat each bundle of green beans with the chili sauce.

4) Place the prepared bundles on your hot grill and cook until the bacon is done.  You will want to turn the green beans at least once to make sure both side are well done.  When they are finished cooking you will want to serve them immediately.  These are delicious. The first time I was cautious with the chili pepper. The second time… not so much.  Thank you Colleen for this yummy way to prepare green beans!

11 thoughts on “Does anyone use a recipe box anymore?

  1. Robyn Brouk says:

    Debbie, I have several. Most of my recipes come from my mom and grandma, in their handwriting. Since they’ve both been gone many years, I treasure those recipe cards. I hope to pass them on to my girls and trust they’ll cherish them as much as I do. Great post, by the way!


  2. Wanda says:

    I totally agree with you. I love the recipes that I have from family and friends. I also have ones from Sounds of Praise days and these have the date, place we were and the name of the person that they came from. Recipes are like a scrapbook! I love that definition! Thank you for another great post!


  3. Pam Stonecipher says:

    I have a recipe box that contains a number of recipes that I have from family and friends. I have a few recipes that I collected over the years from office potlucks going back well over 35 years. In fact, I used two of those recipes this past year when entertaining friends. I pulled the cards out for “Becky’s Meatballs” and ” Veronica’s Green Chili Casserole” and could clearly see their faces once again. Those tattered and soiled recipe cards transport me back to another time in my life and make me smile.


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