Silo Guest House


The Silo Guest House is located on our farm in Berthoud, Colorado. The first building on the farm, which is still standing, was built in 1897 and used as a home until a more spacious home was constructed. At that time the original structure became a silo for the farms grain.

The farm grew in later years to become a dairy farm. In 1932 the silo was built to store silage for the dairy cows.  When my husband purchased the property in 1998 the farm was a rental property and the silo and dairy barn were sitting empty.

From day one Bob had a desire to re-purpose the silo for some kind of living space. In January of 2011 Bob’s wife and high school sweetheart, Shirley, passed away and Bob decided to throw himself into his passion to convert the silo into a living space. His original intent was to move into the silo and rent out his home. However, before the project was completed he met me (an interesting story I am  happy to share with you in a future blog) and the silo project took a change of course to become a guest house.