Will you join me in praying for our country?

One of the things I love about my life here is Colorado is my new church family at Lifebridge Christian Church!  Bobby and I do everything we can to not miss an opportunity to attend weekend services. During this morning’s service we had a dedicated time to pray for our nation and the upcoming election. It was a very honest and sincere time of seeking God’s help which left me with a conviction to scratch my second blog content and write this one instead.

I had the privilege earlier this year to participate on the writing team for the fall session of  women’s Bible study material at Lifebridge. My assignment was to write three weeks of homework (15 lessons) on the subject of prayer. In addition, I was also invited to teach the group lectures for these three weeks (a total joy for me).

Because we retain 15 – 20 % of what we hear and 80% of what we experience, I decided during the final lecture to provide the women with opportunities  to participate in prayer. During that morning the women were given the options of going on a prayer walk or spending some time praying using a journal. Half way through the morning we came back together and concluded the morning with a concert of prayer for our community, nation and world.

I was asked to participate in the concert of prayer by leading the group in prayer for our country. In preparing for my assignment I googled “prayer for our nation” and found several good examples of prayers others have used. Using them as a template I was able to write out the following  words from my heart…

Lord, we thank you for the many provisions you have blessed us with personally and collectively as a community. We thank you that you are concerned about the things which concern us.

Today, we come before You and humbly ask for Your undeserved mercy upon our lives, our families, our community, and our nation.  We come before You with deep awareness of our need for Your mercy on our land. By Jesus’ blood alone, we plead for Your merciful grace to revive and bless us once again!

Righteous God, please send overwhelming conviction of sin, deep brokenness and genuine repentance among Your people. Grant to us the true godly sorrow that leads to repentance. Fill us with holy fear and reverence for Your name.

Mighty God, please come upon our country with deep repentance, dynamic power and renewed passion for You. It is our prayer this morning for Your revival to come upon our nation. Righteous God, grant to us a burning hunger for Yourself and a passion for fervent prayer. Help us draw near to You and seek You with all our hearts. Lord, cause us to hunger and thirst for You above all else. Heal us and help us lead others to a relationship with You!

Holy Father, we humbly ask for a mighty move of conviction and salvation in government leaders and others who influence culture. We ask You to pour out convicting, saving power upon Washington, D. C., colleges, universities, media networks, social networks and the Hollywood movie industry. We ask that You so move that millions will be converted to Christ in these strategic communities of cultural influence.

In this time of election we ask for unity, safety, peace, and Your favor. Squelch any attempt for evil to influence weak or angry citizens to cause harm to our nation or others. Lord, raise up those to lead us who will seek Your wisdom and guidance to lead us in righteous, good ways so we might once again be known as a nation who loves and follows your Word. Lord, bring Your conviction and change to the places in our government which lack integrity and righteousness. Move among the politicians and elected officials to know You, know truth and know the best way to lead.

Lord, Your Kingdom come! Through Your Spirit’s power we humbly seek a spiritual awakening among our nation! In the precious name of Jesus we pray these things.  Amen

Would you join me in praying for our country?